Wednesday, March 2, 2005


ok    well i've been trying to figure out how to get a photo added to this journal     so here it goes    i'm still working on it though because i'd like to have it in the left hand column    i tried there but ended up with 2 x's     so i'll keep workin on it     Life is good at the moment, except i'm all funky from the day at work and need a shower    i was going to study tonight for my foundations class, but decided to chill one last night before i begin univ of phoenix online schooling manana    plus i need to do a little cleaning too     usually i'm watchin' Law & Order SVU, reruns on cable , but tonight i wanted something light hearted  or pure entertainment     i thought about visiting Tjnya and Tabou, but remember Tj was taking Tabou out for a little walk in the park    i'll probably see them this sunday    and besides, right now i have one of my kids (dogs) talking to me    Sadie is the most talkative dog i've ever had    when she wants something she either barks, whines, growls, or scratches to no end until i tend to her    she doesn't growl that much except when i'm trying to get into the bed and she has her spot already laid out    i've got to tell her to chill and move over!,  lol      my kids keep me going    they are great blessings in my life    they make me laugh, cry, angry sometimes, frustrated and just the great little things they do for me    unconditional love to no ends with them    and they smile alot which brings me joy    they spoil me and i spoil them    but it's all worth it    their simplicity in life reminds me to live simply and enjoy each day, each moment as there is no tomorrow    simple pleasures are lifes greatest treasures whether with friends, family or your pets along with the beauty of nature     ....anyways, i'm mellow tonight     happily enjoying the moment       have a great day manana   rise early enough to watch the sunrise   it's a great way to start the day!      take care.....

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delela1 said...

To add a photo to your "About Me" do this:

1.  Click on 'Edit'.
2.  After the edit box opens, you will see the words "View as" followed by a pull down menu with the word 'Text'.  Click on the down arrow and select 'HTML'.  Then type in the following in the About Me space:
<P><FONT face=Arial color=#804040><IMG style="WIDTH: 135px; HEIGHT: 170px" height=178 src="" width=145></FONT></P>

Where photoname is the name of the photo you uploaded (if you uploaded your photo to your ftp space on aol.

3.  Click on the pull down menu again and change it back to 'Text'.

You may have to play with it a bit.  Let me know it you need help.  :)