Saturday, March 12, 2005

saturday morn

I woke this morn cuddled to my pitt, Charlie Brown   he always likes to snuggle   as i layed there i felt like a kid again, but that is precisely what my dogs do for me   they keep me young at heart   yes they sleep with me , at least until i find my true love   for love is everywhere, anywhere you look to find it   when the flowers are in bloom, leaves returning to the trees after a long winter' night,   thedawning of the day and stars so bright .....yesterday, i took a moment and said a prayer just to have a wonderful day    in that moment, i realized i need to do this daily   if nothing else but a gratitude prayer    being back on my spiritual journey has been a struggle, but i'm getting there     i remember i could sit for hours in quiet before my crazyness    now, i'm lucky if i get solitude once a week    to have those moments to absorb the week and all its adventures    ....i started online school again    i had switched to Univ of Phoenix so i could be taking one class at a time     i discovered a few days ago that the workload for this one class is as much as the 2 classes per session i was attending at Colorado Tech Univ     seems i should have stayed at CTU    for i also realized, i will not be able to work overtime while attending school after all, unless the class workload diminishes    and damn, i like CTU's format better the UOP.    O well,   i've learned from this and will stick out UOP til i've completed my b.s. in criminal justice   now if i had only  listened to my intuition on this, i would have stayed with CTU     well i'm sure there are some advantages right now to my current program     don't you wish you could have some foresight in life sometimes    this is one moment i wish i had.......well i have learned that i am now a student more than a postal worker    it's a nice change    i love learning and this feeds me more than my postal route    i've needed this change too     life has been mundane for me lately     today i will set up my new notebook (laptop) for school    i took the day off from work so i can go get a USB drive for it    plus i have tons of homework to do before next wednesday    once i get my notebook set up, i'll be off this puter    it doesn't have enough memory nor meets the school requirements in order to do the online program     i can't complain really    i got this puter free 2 years ago    my beginnings to the internet world    didn't think i'd ever own a computer, but a former roomie got me addicted, lol     now i'm a junkie, not a geek, but junkie    ........'i met God's Will on a halloween night, he was dressed as a bag of leaves...'

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