Wednesday, February 1, 2006


Loyal!   that is my Jimmy dog    he's been my most loyal dog ever since i got him out of the pound 6yrs ago    he's always beside me no matter where i go in the house   and 2days ago when we went hiking he wouldn't go anywhere with kyle without me    last nite he even demonstrated his loyalty more    kyle was playing around with me last nite and Jimmy jumped up and snapped at him    it's the first time he's ever done this, but now i know he'll protect me   kyle continued the play but Jimmy snapped again, hence kyle ceased     i know Charlie's loss has been tough on Jimmy too, but i reassure Jimmy he's going nowhere   and thank God he's not a jumper    i knew i couldn't give Jimmy up anymore than Charlie    just that special feeling too    he's taken to watchin out for this place and me    he's a wondeful dog and always has been    he's even begun sleeping with me in the bed all nite in lieu of 15mins or so   he still on occasion gets down at nite, but he gets back into bed not very long there after     think i need to get him a blanket out too   he's started to curl them up also   i guess before he was just happy to have some space in the bed with me since Charlie took up ALL the room, but that's ok     now it's Jimmy and I    i will just have one dog at a time from this point forward (there's one exception) but for now it's the two of us and i'm tickled pink!

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jmorancoyle said...

    Dogs in bed. Let it happen once and you can't get rid of them. Same with cats. My Sheeba can't understand why we don't want her in bed with us. It's all a matter of size. Between Bill and I, and whatever cats turn up, there isn't much room left. Glad to hear that your move went so easily.