Tuesday, October 31, 2006

trick or treat!

Trick or Treat!    and so the trick or treaters visited us at M's house   these are just a few of the treaters for the evening   we handed out candy, ate pizza, and sorted thru my fall foliage pics for M's new house's bathroom in Durango   her and her beau are buying a house in Durango, CO which is only 3 1/2hrs from here   the first pic above is of her beau's son   it was a load of fun at M's tonite   the baby boy in M's arms was the neighbor immediately next door   only 3months old and in his costume   M rocked him to sleep   anyways, i enjoyed handing out the candy throughout the nite   hadn't done that in years   at my previous house i get about 3 or 4 treaters and that's it   so i stopped doing it all together   a lot of kids go to the mall nowadays for treating as did Jasmine, picture no. 2, my neighbor girl (pardon my mess on the floor, my kids had their confetti party the past couple days)   now the only thing missing tonite was watching The Wizard of Oz, which was not on tv   don't know how or when in my childhood, but this movie was always showing at Halloween time...Lions, and tigers, and bears O My!

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fitzzer said...

What a great Halloween and costumes. Glad you had fun. I remember Wizard of Oz being on in the fall too - and watching it every year. I'm thinking it may have been shown closer to Thanksgiving though, at least where we lived? I still get happy when I see that it will be on.