Thursday, March 8, 2007

for Marti.....and others too:-)

ok   here are 3 pics i played with on my adobe photoshop    i like this look   i call it vintage   adobe photoshop calls it a sepia filter i think    anyways, this pics were from my Disney trip    after playing with adobe, i printed these and have them around  my house     i also made a couple paper greeting cards with some pics of mine to give away    hopefully i'll find other paper to do the greeting cards with eventually    i also made my first eCard with the photoshop and sent it to M    i also played with fixing the lighting on some photos    those photos turned out better    i'll play some more this weekend and post some more photos that some of you may have seen already    but it's been awhile so they may be like new.....i'm sooo looking forward to Art College    as i go thru class and take photos, i'll share them with you    school starts this summer   i know i'm going to have a blast!


ksquester said...

I sure wish I could still fit into a bathroom sink.  haaaaaaaa  He looks happy!  Anne

fitzzer said...

Very nice - especially love the first pic!

sunnyside46 said...

I love the pics...the one of the little one with the hat on backwards is too precious.