Friday, March 23, 2007

I believe

the writing i wrote below was for my Spiritual Practice class project    last nite was the last class and our presentation    it was a wonderful class and i'm grateful i stuck it out and finished the class   so many times i wanted to quit only realizing my plate was too full therefore resistance to the class    it was a wonderful way to end the day after learning of the passing of a dear friend   i've known for over a week he would be leaving us soon and my heart has been heavy    yet thru his transition i truly realized that we are all spiritual beings experiencing the human life   Life is ongoing and there is no ending even in our transition to heaven    i will miss Carlos he was a blessing in my life   ....

I believe in God, the true parent, the Mother-Father Principle of all life.  This Supreme Intelligence lies silent and ever-present within me, within each of us, within everything.  It is the simplicity of a rose, the changing of leaves, lovers embracing, children laughing, the rising morning sun, the wind caressing one's cheek, fine wine & tobacco, coffe & conversation with a friend, God expressing in all things.  God is also Divine, love, passion, joy, wholeness, complete, perfect and more.  Whatsoever is in God, so it is in me.  I am all things and everyone in the Oneness of God.  I am an individualized expression of God, creating my life with Its power.  This poer is Thought.  Thought is the true giver of life that never dies, that can never be destroyed and it is the link to the Mind of God.  From Thought, the Source, I create through my mind and beliefs.  It is like a garden.  I am the garden, planting seeds of thoughts into the soil-which is Law-and creating my life.  I am an individual with free choice & will.   My will is God's will.  Of myself I can do nothing.  God and I are one...I believe in heaven that is withn me and outside of me.  The kingdom of heaven is within the reaches of my mind and yet lives beautifully outside of me through everyone and everything.  It exists here and now here on earth.  I believe the ultimate goal of life is to live in Oneness with God and all life.  That all seen and unseenn are my brothers and my sisters living harmoniously with all life.  I believe I am light, which is the true essence of love which is God, permeating eternally through all life.  I believe in nature for nature is a perfect mirror for all of us reflecting the purity of God.  Nature does not judge, does not curse, is unmolested, whole in its virtue exuberating pure love at all times which is God.  I believe in living the moment of Now.  A moment ago is gone, the next moment hasnt arrived.  Now is all there is with the simple treasures of life unfolding in the mment; the breath of life, a flower in bloom, a waterfall, coyotes howling, cuddling with my kiids and more, however God in its virtue expresses in the moment.  I believe in joy and love the true essence of God.  I believe the journey here is to know God in all forms, which is also to know self...self realized is God realized-the nature of all Life.


stupidsheetguy said...

I think it's lovely. Nicely written :)

jmorancoyle said...

    Your words are like poetry. I haven't heard those sentiments expressed in this way before, but I know what you are saying is right.
    Congrats on finishing your class, and congrats on not putting it aside. I know that has to feel good.

sunnyside46 said...

I love this...well put