Monday, February 4, 2008

Congrats Giants!

congrats to the Giants!   Yeah!    i rooted for the underdog and i kept telling everyone they could beat the Pats, but no one listened   so few gave credit to NY   i'm happy they pulled it off   congrats to Eli as well for MVP   he definitely earned   so now maybe the critics will chill out on him   who would have thought that Eli would follow his big brother Peyton immediately the following year to the Super Bowl with honors    and i thought the Giants played a better game than the Pats so the true Champs are crowned..i spent the evening at Marsha's with her daughter and Madison (they moved back in with her recently)   after the game we watched the movie 3:10 to Yuma   great flick to top a great day off   i started the day finally doing some cleaning   when i get the blues i let it go  i can see my living room and kitchen again   i also realized yesterday that i need another bed of sorts in here...i've been thinking of renting a house for a 3d bedroom...well i thought at first that another couch with a hide-a-bed would work   but last nite as i was laying down to sleep, it dawned on me that i don't need another couch   i can just move my desk into the living room and get a bed for this 2d room   well so happens Marsha has a day bed she needs to store and i'll borrow it   saves her storage rental costs while serving my needs   this way i don't have to go out and buy another bed right away    it was a good day yesterday....on saturday Marsha & i saw the movie Michael Clayton   another great flick   it's been a great 3day weekend   need more of those   Life is Good, a bowl of strawberries!

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ksquester said...

I really don't like footbal, but I loved THIS Super Bowl.  What a game!  Rent Mr. Brooks next.  I loved that movie............Anne