Saturday, February 2, 2008

latest on kyle

as Jimmy was inquiring about my son, thought i'd post a tidbit here   he's doing fine in Hawaii   he's getting married soon   think they're going to the JOP, which i think i'll try to figure a full size wedding whenever they get back to the mainland   not sure when that will be   and he wants to go back to Iraq again hopefully this fall   in the meantime he's planning on coming here this summer i think   if not, i'll try to  make it there   never been to the islands so it would be a great opportunity to go if i can   at the moment i know he's a little safer and enjoying the beach   they spent Christmas Eve on the beach for the day   really tough life there, huh...anyways he's good   next thing i'll be expecting to hear will be a baby on the way   he's anxious to be a father   but i know his wife has some say in it, so we'll see   he wanted to get stationed in either Colorado or Arizona which would mean maybe an 8hr drive   lots closer than Hawaii   now his wife has been only there for a year, so i don't know what kind of effect will be on their assigned places   i'll try and ask him when i talk to him again    for now, he's chillin' and doing good.....

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