Monday, February 18, 2008

kyle called

my son called    he's doin' good    hadn't heard from him in awhile   he's sharin' a phone nowadays with his girl-future wife   he's goin' to give up his mercedes he bought himself and get the truck he wants  she's goin' to get her truck as well    they're tryin' to make a baby   they have a girl's name already=Glenna Brooke   Glenna is Kyle's mother who gave birth to him   if i didn't mention she's been missing for a decade now   hearing him name his baby girl after her is great   this means he's done some healing regarding her   hopefully my talk with him when he first got here about her did some good   something or somebody did anyways   i'm happy to hear it  anyways, he's also headed back to Iraq in November   this time 12-15months   but that's where he wants to go   once he's back, they'll try to get stationed in San Antonio, TX or go to Germany   whatever works for them is fine by me   as long as they're happy is all that matters   i'll be protecting them both from the family if i need to   not all the family, if any   but his girl is african american which doesn't matter to me   it's my father's reaction i'm concerned about   but he doesn't have much to do with his grandfather anyways, so maybe nothing will come of it   God bless them both and may Kyle make it home from Iraq safely again   goodness, i'm very proud of him but it isn't easy sometimes for me while he's a soldier   I love him......

p.s.   thanks j-land for allowing me to touch on issues at times   they're ever so present at times with me especially when it comes to my family...

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sunnyside46 said...

I am interested in what happened to his birth mom. How wonderful that he is able to forgive and go on with hislife.
You are like a momma bear, protecting your cub.
I'm glad he has found love and Ihope and pray he is safe.