Friday, February 29, 2008


so, yesterday i had my "first" guitar lesson again   it's been a couple years since i played   so i'm startin' over with a new instructor and i like  him already   he gave me a little tune to play as a warm up  introduced me to some new notes and started me on the same book i used the last time   i'll see him biweekly which will allow me to practice more and build some confidence  my fingers must get broken in and calloused  but it'll all be worth it   i'm excited   he told me to only practice 20mins a day til my fingers are no longer sensitive   knowing me, i'll do more than that....anyways, i chatted with my oldest niece on myspace last nite   i saw her for the first time in over 20yrs last Christmas   we had a great talk including about her mother, the reason i stayed away so long from them   anyhow, she's doing good as well as her  new daughter, Rylei (above pic)   she looks like her dad   anyways, it'll be great to keep in touch with her now   i'll have to get back and see the family more often, but goodness i also have other places to go   need to win that damn weekend i'm headed back up to Tent Rocks   was there a couple years ago   taking the hike group up this time   will take sum more pics again if i can   think i'll do b&w this time   the only hinderance that may come into effect is Madison, Marsha's grandbaby   IF they go, i told Marsha i'd help her with Madison  she's a handfull ...nothin' much else happening...o yes, i get my motorcycle out of the shop next week   it's in for a major tune-up at a major cost because they ran into problems   one of the spark plugs broke inside the head   my guess it's probably an original plug since the bike was made   o well, it'll be in great running shape after this   i may just ride it to Ft Worth, TX in June for my nephew Kaleb's birthday   i'm ready for sum ridin'!   ....well, that's all folks!

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sunnyside46 said...

you are a busy woman
I amplaying guitar again too and loving it
I saw this saying somewhere which I apply to my musical ability "If you ca't do something well, enjoy doingit poorly"