Tuesday, April 29, 2008

anticipation..she's making me wait

caught the mornin' sunrise this morn   it's been awhile, way too long since i did that   i was reading one of Ramtha's books again last nite, i was reminded of it   so, although i had the alarm set for 6:30am, my inner clock woke me at 6am   plenty of time to catch her on the horizon breaking the mountain top to show her splendid glory   she is a beautiful sight   i used to watch sunrises all the time when i lived in the mountains   i miss them   as i waited, i watched the men across the street reporting to work   their constructing another building for the school   bicyclists rode by for their mornin' commute   the noise of the city was at its usual   maybe tomorrow i'll get to the foothills where i hike and hear the serenity of nature while she rises   and as i waited for her this morn, i vividly remembered the morn i was at the Grand Canyon watching her come up   so beautiful   i'm asking myself now, where are my photos of that   somewhere   i'll be going back, and i must do it again   it came to me it's been a few years since being at the Grand Canyon   i didn't have my digital camera at that time   so it's goin' to be a great adventure there this fall   i look forward to it tremendously....anyways, so now recognizing my need for the sunrise and nature, i'll do my best to keep it goin' daily   for those are my spiritual practices i came to realize last nite   being in tune with God and all Its beauty and the ongoingness of Life...


jmorancoyle said...

    I've been to the mountains once. Sunrise and sunset is something you never forget once you've had the opportunity.

ksquester said...

Take pictures please.............I am asleep then.   Anne