Wednesday, April 23, 2008

dog complaint

so, i get a call from my landlord this morn   the new neighbor called and complained about my dogs barking all night   that's bullshit!!!   my dogs are inside asleep with me   i did let them out early this morn because they woke me wanting outside   i didn't bring them immediately back in and i did hear Boo barking    she likes to bark, whether inside or outside    last week this same neighbor was outside my door-my dogs let me know   he said he was trying to figure out where the barking was coming from because it was irritating   i told him mine were inside, which they were and he couldn't possibly hear them thru the walls   maybe he did, but it should have been muffled, toned down, from the walls   Boo had been doing her usual play and barking in the house that mornin...anyways, if these neighbors don't like dogs barking, they've moved into the wrong neighborhood, apartment complex   there are dogs in practically every apartment here   we have the yards to have them   there are also dogs immediately behind me that are constantly barking   what pisses me off is why didn't the neighbor come to me and talk about it?   i've never had anyone in the 2 1/2yrs i've lived here, ever complain about my dogs   now i have a new neighbor who is complaining   my last neighbor played their music very loud, but i talked to them myself   we had an agreement by his suggestion   so now i'm thinking about confronting my new neighbor   will let myself calm down first   ...i'm just blowin' off steam in this entry   i'll recollect myself and go from there whether to confront or not to confront   lately i've been thinkin of renting a house   maybe i should really look into that   i will know in time   have a great day!!


jmorancoyle said...

    Good move to blow off steam here. I'm not good with confrontation. I have a habit of allowing the steam to build up to the point that when I finally do say something, I'm in tears or screaming like a maniac. Been working on though. Good luck with the neighbor.

ksquester said...

DANG...........that pisses me off too.  If you can't work it out with the neighbor, then tell them to call the police when they hear the barking.  This happened to my son who was in the same predicament as you are in. The police came out and rang the doorbell and the dog barked, but from the inside.  The police said, unless they can catch the dog outside barking they really couldn't do anything about it.....unless it was late at night.  They may suggest mediation and you will win that one too.  Some people are just a-holes............does that mean we have to like them or pray for them?  well.........I'm NOT!   see, ya got me goin' now!  Anne

sunnyside46 said...

It's like someone talking bad about your kids, isn't it?