Sunday, April 20, 2008

auntie duty

so, i call Marsha this morn to check in on her   she has a major tooth ache  during our conversations i got the picture she wanted me to drop in   so i did, picking up my huevos rancheros on the way from Flying Star   got to Marsha's and the right side of her face is hugely swollen   thank goodness i took sum 800mg ibuprofen i recently got for something else from the doc   then she informs me Diana, her daughter, is flat on her back with a major headache  well i immediately thought of Lil Miss Madison   i immediately said i'd watch her   i stayed there to do that   Marsha crawled to the kitchen and did dishes   i kept an eye on Madison   then it was diaper duty for the second time  again a poopy diaper   o well   then Marsha finally had sum soup she put in the microwave and i served it up   then it was feeding time for Madison   next it was time to dress her so we could go outsideit for a little bit in her swing her grampy hung for her on the porch   Marsha then heated a bottle which i took and put Sugar Plum into bed   all in a day's work i suppose for auntie duty   but it was fun   glad i could help out   i immediately left so Marsha could go and take her nap    she had just taken one of those ibuprofens and it started working almost immediately for her    as i left, i told her to call me if she needs further help when she or Madison wakes up   maybe her dad will come get her, she said    time for him to step up to the plate again   anyways, so that's been my day thus far    the remainder will be to chill and continue my spring cleaning of going thru the closets & drawers ridding myself of clothes i really no longer wear and/or desire    i thought of another hike, but i'm sore from yesterday   will get back to it manana   it's a beautiful day today   i'm going to enjoy a lazy sunday...


sunnyside46 said...

sounds like you had auntie doody!

ksquester said...

You are a wonderful person to help a friend out.  When you are sick or you have to move, you learn who your friends are.   Anne