Thursday, April 10, 2008

heat is back on!

i turned my heat back on  it's been cold the past couple days  too cool for even riding my bike  so i kicked the heat on this morn to take off the chill  bring back the sunshine  it's suppose to be here saturday  but friday nite we have our first Topes baseball game  we're goin to freeze our asses off, but it'll be a whole lot of fun...i got the stomach flu the day after my bike ride to Chaco Canyon   it was ugly!!  then i cut one of my guitar fingers, so haven't been practicing  finally healing, i'll get back to it today  thank God for a patience instructor  i've missed 2-3weeks of guitar lessons...Oi!...anyways, i'm doin' good now   no road trips lately except this saturday i take the hike group to Jemez springs   we'll hike the trail that leads to the natural hot springs, which i've never been in the 20yrs i've lived here  finally will know where they are for future use if i'd like  not sure i will because everybody under the sun uses them from my  understanding...and last but not least, a couple days ago i went out to my car headed for the grocery store and a window was busted  very obvious that someone was trying to break into the car, probably to steal it  it has an alarm on it that shuts it down so it won't start  my Jeep ain't goin' nowhere!  i'd be so heart broken if i ever went out there and it was gone  all the money i invested in it besides all my stickers and Bad Ass Girls Drive Bad Ass Toys on it   it's personal!!   fits me to a T....

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sunnyside46 said...

so sorry about your jeep
send me some pics of the hot springs