Sunday, April 27, 2008

neighbor update

so, i got a visit from the neighbor today   the complaint this time=my music was too loud   well i know differently   so i called my landlord, which they had done too   apparently they've been complaining about the other neighbor on the other side of them too   and i think the other neighbors as well not attached to our building   ..i decided to take a bike ride   on the way out, i saw the woman of the house and i presume her sister carrying out two babies, one newborn   so i finally put it together   that's why they want quiet   one for the baby to sleep, the other so the mother to sleep   he made a comment saying his wife couldn't sleep   well i didn't wake til 9am anyways, my landlord is going to talk to them   they have definitely moved into the wrong neighborhood if they want a quiet place   too many dogs here for that alone   so maybe they'll move    i do feel better since talking to my landlord   i pray the new neighbor finds them a quiet place   maybe a house to rent....

anyways, so i ride my bike up to MADrid   it was a NICE ride    there was a cold wind today even in town   colder in the mountains which is the hwy to Madrid   but i was dressed warm   once there i sat had coffee and a bear claw   i found a place in the sun and contemplated, people watched, and enjoyed the day   when it was time to come home, my battery was dead again   it was dead last week   my serviceman said it was one thing i was doing and that the RUN/OFF switch shouldnt make a difference in draining the battery as long as the ignition was turned Off   well i learned today that isn't the case   i had left it in RUN position again   the battery drained despite the ignition being turned off    so now i know    found jumper cables and a gentleman will to let me use his car   we got her started   warmer ride home   but during the ride today, i did notice i need new tires sooner than later    so i just refigured my budget and will definitely get them this next month    just need tobe careful   ...recently i was thinking of selling my bike to take care of a financial obligation   i'm very Happy i didn't    the bike ride is just what i needed today even though it was a short one   i've been fighting major mood swings for almost 3months now  i've been asking myself how can i be in peace, love & joy while in these moods   i got my answer today=TAKE A RIDE!!!

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ksquester said...

ahhhhhhhh   I understand those mood swings and you need to take care of yourself.  At least you recognize what is happening to you, which is good.  Glad you got to enjoy the day.  Anne