Saturday, May 17, 2008

the birds!

so, as you all know, my bird feeder was stolen   since then i've been putting out a regular ol' plate full of seed   it's been working just as well while i debate which kind of feeder to get next   so since putting it out i've seen several different type of birds   house finches, yellow & red, house sparrows, chipping sparrow, a junco, mourning and white-winged doves   tonite i came home and filled up the plate since it had rained today   the doves totally swarmed it   since i changed the blend, i get more of those doves   normally i get 3-4doves   this evening i had over a dozen doves around & on the plate   a picture in itself but not possible thru this screen door   anyways, so i've decided to keep the plate and buy a bird house type feeder for the smaller birds and a different blend of feed   really makes a difference  i love them all   such simple JOY for my day    and tonite when i came home from work, i saw my first mountain chickadee   but first thing this morn i saw a mountain scrub jay   pretty blue bird sitting above my jeep in the parking lot   not even anywheres near the bird feeder   i did sit out another type feed to attract other type birds like the grosbeak   if i get a chance to take photos i will and post them   but no such luck today   doesn't really matter, i have them stored in my memory...

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jmorancoyle said...

     Sorry about  your bird feeder being stolen. Still, something bad happens and in return something good happens. You might have never thought about the different mixes and attracting different birds. Always wanted to have one. There's this thing about cats though. Mine are hunters. Just seemed cruel to hang one here. Enjoy though, and I'll be looking forward to your photos.