Saturday, May 10, 2008

don't get this one

ok, i don't get this one    i went on a hike in the Sandia Mtns today  it was beautiful and i have sum photos to share laterz..but right now i'm stupefied or sumthing   i came home and my bird feeder, ya know the one in the photo that i just put out a couple days ago, IT'S GONE!!!!   hook, line and sinker is gone   the hook i bought big enough to wrap around the branch of the tree is gone too   it's totally gone and i can't believe it   i just don't get why someone wood steel a bird feeder   i asked the new neighbor if they took    i asked my landlord if they were out today and took   so who in God's name took it, and WHY?   now i only have two answers to the question   either they couldn't stand the birds chirpin' in the mornin (or all day) around it, or they wanted it for themselves...well all this means is i'm off monday to buy another one  one that i'll nail to a post which i had planned on buying anyways   good thing this one was a cheap one   now i know!


ksquester said...

Now that is pretty low for somebody to steal a bird feeder.  It's a good one too!  Anne

sunnyside46 said...

what a weird thing for someone to steal