Saturday, May 3, 2008

i missed the bear!

more Bandelier Nat'l Park    i took our hike group up there today  it was a really nice day  was a little cool when we first arrived, but it warmed a little     some of these photos are new angles for me   i took photos from inside the caves this time   i saw a couple new shots i didn't see the last few times i was there   i also captured a yellow/black bird, which i think is a finch   the birds were right there at the picnic table, well hanging on the tree immediately beside it   there were a couple bears up there of which i didn't get to see, but a few from the group saw one of them  they said it got scared and ran off so i wouldn't have captured it on film anyways   they saw the bear while i climbed the stairs to a kiva   i like these photos, but i see i need to still work with the "light" more   i think i have a different filter that may work   will look for it and try it out    photos are about light, but i'm pleased with these photos   enjoy!


ksquester said...

Spectacular photos...............almost feel like I went hiking with you.  That bird is beautiful.  Glad I didn't see the bear..........well, from afar, I would have liked to see it.  anne

stupidsheetguy said...

Great pictures, as always. I think I'm with Anne on this one...I'd love to see a bear, just maybe from a safe distance. :)