Thursday, May 18, 2006

bike trip 2 Madrid

well, i had my first bike trip on the road    i went to Madrid, about 40miles from here on the back roads   God it was AWESOME!   what a beautiful ride   i forgot how gorgeous the scenery was back there    and i swear i saw more while on the bike than drivin the car   just as i arrived to the little town, i wondered why i hadn't brought my camera again   o well, next time   i was just sooo anxious to ride everything else didn't matter   and ya know i've heard a lot of bad attitudes about ridin a bike i.e. the vibration, it's hard on your back, etc.  well i had very little problem   the vibration i didn't even feel til i was Off the bike and i only had trouble a smidgens with my shoulder and base of the palm of my hands   i own one of those race bikes, otherwise known as crotch rockets which you have to lean over the handlebars   and it was only bad when riding down the side of a hill (more pressure on those hands)   it was such a great ride, i was wondering why i didn't pick this up sooner than now   everything is what you make it and if you think badly about something, it's gonna be bad   but hell, i was having the time of my life    can't wait til after the disney trip to come home and take some more bike trips   think i'm enjoying the bike more this time than the first time i road years ago    ...anyways, Madrid will be the site of a new movie filmed soon about motorcycles according to the shop owner   i think she said John Travolta and Tim Allen were going to be in it    guess i need to keep an eye out for that news-yeah right, i don't do the news...anyways,   all is good in the west!


ksquester said...

Sounds wonderful and devine!  Madrid, N.M.    I used to live close to Versailles, Ky.    Not Spain OR France! haaaaa    Anne

fitzzer said...

wtg - wow 40 miles! Makes me tired just thinking about it. lol