Monday, May 8, 2006


i'm callin myself the pink dyke today   i've got my pink on and i was out fiddlin with my bike   God help me!   well i was already ready to ride   got my boots on, got the keys out, took the cover off, unlocked the bike....and wouldn't start   the battery is all but dead...dammit!!!    so i'm out there trying to figure out how to get the seat off for the battery is located under the seat   well i pushed and pulled and cursed and...finally called the dealership   thank you service department for letting me know about the lock on it   it would have been nice if Marlo had told me about this    well then i talk to parts department about the battery, yep definitely a new one needed   problem is it's going to take them 5hrs to charge it before i can pick it up  (actually longer)   by the time it's ready, it'll be time to head out to class tonite for the written and final test for Motorcycle Training    God i was soooo excited and soooo pumped up!    what a deflater...@#$!

in the meantime, Boo's stitches and all are healing quite well   she hasn't torn at the bandages at all to our surprise (vet included)  so this friday, she gets her stitchers out and she's good to go    then saturday will be our first day @ dog in the park    before then i must get Jimmy out for a hike   Boo's been going everywhere lately, but mostly to the vet...

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ksquester said...

Hope everything goes better today.    Anne