Saturday, May 13, 2006

she's insane!

talk about a revolution!   actually i'm listening to that song in my head by Tracy Chapman....anyways, it's Cindy who's insane   we went for coffee tonite @ Starbucks of course   by the time we left, she had me rollin' in tears again   she harassed me because i had my  bare naked chest (and back) showing while her beau, the tattoo artist did my back   of course i had to remind her that i'm sure he's seen alot bigger and better than mine, for mine are about the size of a peanut (exaggeration, but you get the point)   but the laughter picked her up tonite   her and her beau are on two different planets every full moon and they struggle to get thru it    i've taken the job of listening to her struggles during the full moon, but it ain't no sweat    anyways, we were also talking about how she cringes of cleaning up after a dog   i told her to call me, "poop control is on its way"    Cindy is Ms. Femme femme but was being a pink dyke today   it's a private joke, but she was out getting dirty in the yard and sawing and doing all kinds of manly stuff    the stuff that some friends of mine were trying to get me to do plus some in order to be a 'dyke'    that's why i joke about it    i do all those things, but not to be a dyke    so recently i had the pliars, leatherman, and screwdriver out while in my pink shirt and jeans working on my motorcycle so i came up with the 'pink dyke' idea    God if people wood let people be people in lieu of molding them into something   o well, the joke's on them as far as i'm concerned    it was a great nite out for frappucino @ Starbucks!   lots & lots & lots of laughs!

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