Monday, May 15, 2006

one week

one week from tomorrow i fly out to our Disney vacation   yesterday we were thinking that maybe some of the kids weren't going to be able to make it   this morn we heard optimistic news to the contrary   from listening to my sister, it may be more of a challenge than i thought   my sister is tired and has been taking care of 2 of her grandkids   she's had little to no time alone, until yesterday   so i was wondering how 4 grandchildren were going to affect her   but i'll be there doin my best to relieve some of her stress but mostly so we all can have one heck of a good time   only saturday i was ready to be there and back, but yesterday i realized i wood be missing the great treasures of spending the time with them   i love my family but sometimes i'm at odds with them   sometimes it seems more often than naught    i must slow down and enjoy the moment again  each moment as it unfolds each day   i've been really distracted and unsettled since my retirement   slowly but surely i can find my pace again   then's been so much joy and excitement and confusion with retirement, but i am growing into it    Life is Good really   sometimes it's overwhelming...

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