Monday, May 8, 2006

Lady Rider

...that's what the bells says...that's the final answer    i completed my Motorcycle training course today   i passed the written test!   YES!!!!   i'm exhilarated!   this is a major milestone for me   completing this course let me know just how far i've come since my illness   i've come a long way baby!   riding the bike this weekend, my memory of doing so returned   taking the written test and doing so well (i only missed 2 questions) indicated my memory is doing better than i ever thought   Accomplishing this feat with much doubt in myself, has boosted my self-esteem immensely, not that it's been utterly bad   it's just been a loooong road in recovery   this milestone tells me i can shoot for some other dreams that involves formal education and taking written tests   it gives me hope   i can still dream!....and dream i will:-)     (p.s.  i bought a new battery for my bike, installed it and took a ride around the block   this bike handles differently than the one i just trained on, but hopefully once i have my new tires in a few days, the bike will handle much easier).....until another day....g'nite

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ksquester said...

I am impressed. YOU can do anything!!!   Anne