Sunday, May 7, 2006

progress report...

two days on the motorcycle training and one road test and i passed with almost flying colors   there was one test i was deducted points for but i knew i wouldn't do so hot on that part   that was the only one i was deducted for a total of 5points out of 20 points possible to be deducted in order to pass the test    everyone in our class passed the road test, except one woman who withdrew herself for she was not doing well or feeling any confidence   she did the wise thing, but stayed with us the rest of the day and watched   one minor note, i crashed the bike just before the testing   my foot got hung up on the pedal as i was braking and i couldn't get my foot down, so i just crashed the bike   i was already stopped, but ....anyways, minor mishap and i'm ready to roll    now just for the written test which i have more anxiety about   it takes place tomorrow nite   so this evening and tomorrow day i'll be studying my ass off   (i don't trust my aging    so until tomorrow evening   wish me the best of luck   (test anxiety sucks!)

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