Monday, March 31, 2008

scary hairy @ chaco canyon

well saturday i rode out to Chaco Canyon N.H.P.    it was a nice ride   i took the northern route there    my desitination was not to be just Chaco Canyon, but that's all it ended up being    as i got to the initial road to get to the park, i noticed they had paved at least part of it    well, part it was  ran into dirt road which was no problem until i hit sand    OMG!!!   don't know how i got thru there but there were numerous times i almost laid my bike down   between the sand and the wind i was all over the road and couldnt stay up straight   couldn't tell you how many times my bike leaned as though it was ready to go down   but some how some way i managed to keep her up    the entire dirt road wasn't like this but there was a long stretch of an inch of fine sand on the road   i included in these photos a photo of my bike   once we actually got to the park, we only stayed an hour   then i took the south entrance out of there   the park ranger adivsed againist,  something about 2 flats that day, 20miles of dirt road and about 10 cattle guards   what the cattle guard had to do with anything is beyond me,  all i knew is i wasn't going back the same way i came in and hit that sand again   i was going to take a risk and use the south entrance    20miles and 12 cattle guards later, i made it out of there   mostly hard compact dirt road with little gravel   hell i'll take gravel any day over the sand   i felt like i was in the sahara desert ridin'   Lord i made it out of there and home safely...these pics are the greatest  i really didn't have time to take photos    i left late that day and it took me an hour extra more than i counted on to get there   had no idea if i was going to make it out of there safe   no more dirt roads for my bike   i'm taking my jeep on those wilderness roads!   (p.s.  animated flash not workin' again on this site, dammit...)


stupidsheetguy said...

Love the pictures. It looks like a fun day you had there. I really like seeing the world there through your eyes (or lens). Thanks for sharing

ksquester said...

Amazing pictures...........I can't imagine what life was like way bac then.  Anne