Monday, February 14, 2005


Happy Valentines Day!'s been a great evening   my friend Tjnya and I went out for a bite to eat, but not where everyone else went    we headed to the Village Inn think only one person, maybe two were actually working there tonight   the food was cold, but the coffee and company were great!   it's been a very long time since Tjnya and i got together   Tjnya is my best friend here in abq   she was there when i got psychotic and came to my rescue   she got me help and stood by me throughout my whole ordeal    the past few years we haven't been in contact a whole lot     in her own way, she's a bit of a recluse in the middle of the city    but so am i    we're both a little bit country and like to stay at home    in december, i found out she had moved only across the street so to speak    since then we have been in more contact      although we haven't seen or talked to one another for sometime, our love for one another in friendship has not faded    no matter whatever may happen to each of us, the other will always be there    ......tonight we chatted and laughed like we hadn't in a looong time     we talked about her 'boyfriend' soon to be thrown to the curb    i tild her it sounded like she was in a boring relationship    it wouldn't be enough for me    she said she's just going to let it fade    so we'll see what happens     we both keep meeting the wrong men,  lol     o well, we know all in due time, mr right will come our way     she has her own sense of humor about things   opposite of the dramatic    just plain down to earth that this is the way it is, and this is the way it is not with a cool, calm collectedness about her     just a matter of fact       she's raised her 2 sons on her own , they leaving the nest this last year    they were like my own kids being around her    i didn't ever have kids of my own by choice   she's done a pretty good job    .....anyways, it was great to laugh like that again    it's been awhile    we talked about our pets we've had in our times and what they do     like i got my valentine kisses this morn from 3 of my dogs     it was my morning wake up call    she told me about a cat she once had that would suck on her ear while she slept     i cracked up because i used to have a cat that sucked on my neck   Tjnya is not as 'close' to her pets as i am with mine    i allow mine to do just about anything to me, but not Tjnya   but alot of people don't allow pets to do everything with them    pets are just being themselves, it's how we respond to them that makes a difference    so i get the biggest laugh when i here people describe their discomfort when a pet does something    i just find the human reaction hilarious    my pets are my kids and i treat them as such     they still write pages and chapters in that book 'murder she wrote', but not as much as they have in the past     i talk to them, but you know they don't listen    they do whatever they're going to do anyways and wear that big smile anyways     they're good dogs, frustration is only a natural part of living with them     i love them dearly and wouldn't trade them for anything or anyone     they make me laugh with their play and dumb things they do     and the best part, they love me no matter what     now if i could only find a man that could do the same thing,  LOL   .......anyways,   having friends like Tjnya and my kids (dogs) makes my life worthwhile   Gina and Stephanie are great friends too!       what a great way to spend Valentine's Day when you don't have a date, but a date with a friend!    

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