Sunday, February 20, 2005

Godmother 4 Tabou

i'm worn out!   too much excitement for me today   Tjnya called and wanted me to go with her to pick up her new rottweiler puppy   i said sure i can't ever say no to a puppy or dog    well now i am a proud Godmother to Tabou   she's only 6weeks old and just adorable   met her parents and they're not really big rotts their temperments were really mellow too therefore Tabou is going to be just perfect for Tjnya   (i had a rott before and Tjnya ended up with her she was so sweet Journey was a big sweetheart)   anyways, once we picked up Tabou we had to go shopping for her    we took her to Sam's Club for dog food    she fit perfectly in my hooded sweatshirt pocket   head out one side and the other side was her little tail    we then headed to Walgreens for some shampoo, a dish, brush and puppy food     well Tjnya discovered ticks on her so we naturally got flea/tick shampoo    so while Tjnya bathed her at her house, i came home and got a crate and pillow i had here i wasn't using    back at Tj's i cleaned up the crate and pillow then sat down and held Tabou while Tj cooked us dinner    well while holding her and brushing her, you're not going to believe this but, it was like a rain storm of ticks falling off Tabou    poor little thing was tremendously infected     ticks fell all over my lap and the teddy bear she was lying on     i couldn't believe it there were so many    well that wasn't the end of it   after dinner , Tj was checkin out her ears again only to find tons more just surrounding her ears    Tabou is getting another flea/tick bath in 3days    the great thing that is happening is Tabou is allowing Tj to do all this to her without a fuss     she's going to be another big sweetheart    People if you think rottweilers, dobermans, and pitt bulls are dangerous dogs, please think again     they have a bad rep, but it really is the owner training them to be mean     i've had and have all the above   i've had no problems with any of mine    the most aggressive dogsi've had have been german shepherds     dogs of all breeds can be dangerous    i just wish the forementioned didn't have such a bad rep    my pitt i have now is such a people lover    he is mr. social butterfly and wouldn't hurt any person     yes he may get in a dog fight, but when it comes to people he is extremely harmless      i can't keep him home because he loves to visit the neighborhood, literally      well i'm happy to have one more kid(dog) in my life even tho she's Tj's dog     i already told her if she ever needed a babysitter, i'm available     well that's been my day    as i drove home tonight, i felt worn out from all the excitement    it's been a great day which i wasn't expecting.......take care       laterz

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delela1 said...

I agree with you about Rotts.  My step-daughter has a Rott and she is such a sweetie; basically just a big old teddy bear.  Missy is very protective tho, but then so is my black lab.  People do have a misconception about Rotts, and for some time so did I, but only because I hadn't had the opportunity to see their gentle everyday nature.  Once Missy became part of the family, I realized Rotts were getting the same negative rap as German Shepherd and Dobies.