Friday, February 18, 2005

rainy day

it's been raining on and off all day, yet it still is warm   i started out with my leggins on again only to remove them despite the rain   the dreary rain and clouds matched my moodiness today   while delivering my mail i listened to my country's station radiothon for St Jude's Children Hospital   it's been on for two days and it always moves me   i made a contribution last year and this past October when the CFC (combined federal campaign) came around , i signed up for a monthly contribution   i can't get thru those 2 days without shedding some tears   God Bless all those children, St. Judes and all the people that are affected by kids with of the songs played today during the radiothon was the Judds' 'Love can build a bridge'     i immediately thought of Ashley Judd and all the bridges  she is doing with her work as the Ambassador of YouthAIDS Program and her journey to the foreign countries     i must comment in her journal and let her know just that soon as i got home, i had to pull out their cd and play the song    it's my all time favorite!     i also started a fire although it wasn't cold enough to have     i just wanted to be warm and cozy tonight in any way i could     and i can leave on my uniform shorts too if i choose    but i doubt i will do that     i like getting out of my monkey suit asap once home  .....and thank God for great musicians and artists     nowadays i do sooo much better listening to such wonderful music    it really helps me get thru my blues and moodiness like today    it took my friend Tjnya to help me get to work today    i need help sometimes to pull myself together from the blues to get to work     damn blues!    i'll just have to keep listening to my music daily and wear my Pink      i've been going PINK crazy this past couple weeks     i have no clue why, but i've been buying Pink like it's going out of style and have had it on in some fashion every day for over a week now    today it was a pink bandana with my uniform    o well i hope i don't get over it but i used to despise the color     i was , and still am, such a tomboy!     when i was a kid i always wanted to be a boy    they got to do whatever they wanted    so i played football with them every chance i got    i also played softball till i was 40 when i stopped playing all sports     now i just want to be hiking, backpacking, rock climbing and whatever way i can be in nature     and not only have the pink craze came in, i allowed Tjnya to paint my nails the other day    i've never ever painted my nails    i'm clueless with what's the femme side of me doing nowadays, but i'm enjoying it     it's alot of fun, but there will be no make up    the nails are enough!   LOL......anyways, i'm going to get to my autobio on dr. martin luther king now     i have only 8 chapters remaining    i'll probably finish the book this weekend    then it's back to the bio on John F Kennedy that i started this last summer i didn't ever finish    i was reminded while reading King's book.....well ya'll have a good one!

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delela1 said...

That song by the Judds' is one of my favorite's too.  It is a beautiful song.  Although, I think my all time favorite Judds song is "Young Love."