Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ice Age: the Meltdown

this is my second attempt for this entry!   dammit!   i was about finished when Boo jumped on my notebook and erased my entry    kids!    anyways, as i stated, this movie is hilarious!   a must see movie   it's just as funny as the first if not better   Cindy & i saw it tonite on a spontaneous moment   i must get both of these dvds for my collection when available ....anyways, i had a good day despite not sleepin well last nite   in so doing, i had two naps today   actually i was awake at 5:30am then went back to sleep    then later this afternoon i took another small nap   now i'll be awake late tonite but hopefully i'll get back on track once asleep   in between napping i've been burning music all day on & off    i also read a small book from Ramtha regarding our soul's journey and purpose thru life   if i understood it correctly, our purpose is to create and re-form a new consciousness   the book had more depth but it came down simply to that    we can choose to be open minded or not   but anyways, it was enlightening for me    i also read my homework for 5 Gifts and some for A Course of Miracles   i've been struggling with the Course but today when i read it was very clear   i'm thinking it had to do with a shift change within me and my perception a week or so ago   God is all there is   God is in you, as you, is you   i see God in all things, all people, all Life   God consciousness    a place where we all evolve eventually    anyways, Life is Good ...enjoy the moment and treasure them    there is only Life!


fitzzer said...

don't you just hate when that happens? Always seems to be something messes up just when you've completed a really long entry too! Oh well, good typing practice :) Thx for the review on Ice Age. I was wondering how it was and whether it would be worth the money.

sunnyside46 said...

hey, naps are the bomb. I had that skill down pat when my babes were small,but have lost the knack. It is one I hope to rediscover as I age.
I am interested in your stories of spiritual things. I have read some of a Course in Miracles. As one who survived (barely) a Southern Baptist upbringing, I found it much cheaper than therapy and just as freeing.
Ice Age is one of those movies I can watch again and again.
"talk" to you soon,

delela1 said...

I love my naps...can't get enough of them sometimes!