Friday, April 28, 2006

the tatt

ok, i don't think i've told you about my latest tattoo   it's in its beginning stages   it covers my entire back   i discovered this beautiful work of art, wolves, eagle, trees & symbol, a few months ago   i kept debating as to whether i'd do it   finally i decided yes    well we did the outline wednesday nite   to my surprise the back is a bit sensitive   but 2 shots of jack daniels & a few breaks in between, we got the outline completed    now it will be all the shading   except this time i can use some of that numbing creme for shading   so we're working on getting it right now    it's a beautiful tattoo, even my therapist liked it and she doesn't like tattoos    anyways, once it's all complete i'll definitely post a pic for everyone in the meantime, i'm searching for my next road trip   it'll be 4 wheelin in Mt Taylor about an hour west of here   in a couple weekends for i have motocycle training next weekend...hope everyone is doing well...take care


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deveil said...

can't wait to see it!   That road trip sounds like fun!