Saturday, April 22, 2006


have you ever heard of it?   jackalope?    well it's a store here in New Mexcio and i love it   don't know how long, but we finally have one here in abq   how do i describe this store   rustic in nature for sure   full of rugs from all over the world, pottery, dishes, wonderful wood furniture from all over the world, small rugs and blankets from the southwest, plants and miscellaneous wonderful things   as Cindy & i went to lunch yesterday she pointed the new store out to me   i had to go back as we drove by it   and of course i found a rug that fit perfect for my den   plus today i went back to get a skull, cow skull with horns   they had some that were painted but i decided on a smaller one unpainted   i may paint it myself   plus i found a Huge sitting pillow i had been looking for   i've been sitting on the floor in the living room reading a lot  (still don't have my new couch), but it's been nice to sit onn the floor again   i used to do it all the time   very comfy   anyways,  Jackalope is just absolutely wonderful   i feel like i step back into ancient times when shopping there   i even found a very nice coffee table made of wood but it was pricey    although i have the $300 for it, not sure i desire to spend that much on a coffee table   i have time to think about it   anyways,   i'm sure i'll be going back to Jackalope soon   even bought some wine glasses there with blue-purple trim....Jackalope, the place to shop!

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kheadenmd said...

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