Monday, April 17, 2006

Jemez Mtns...Soda Dam...& my Jeep

ok   here are a few photos of my weekend trip to Bandelier    these are of the Jemez Mtns the backroad to Bandelier   it's very beautiful and i felt like i had seen them for the first time again this weekend   these photos have  been doctored a little   my first attempt in simmering down the brightness they reflect when i put them on my puter   they look fine viewing from the camera, but really brighten up once on the puter   my main object was to get the rich red clay showing well in these photos   so i dimmed the brightness   the only photos not doctored on these are of my jeep   the next journal entry will be of my Boo (Tabbou)   then i'll doctor the Bandelier photos and post them too   that may be a couple days for i have classes all day tomorrow....until i cya again...take care

copyrights for all photos reserved for karen l goins

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fitzzer said...

What a gorgeous place. Love the color of your new jeep!