Thursday, April 6, 2006


mornin everyone   i sit this morn with coffee in hand enjoying the solitude of this hour   not much in the news to read and i'm not big on reading it anyways   so i thought i'd drop in and say hello   give you the latest, then start my day    first i think it might be snowing a few flakes this morn   it's pitch black so i can't see for sure, but i put the dogs out for a few moments and they came back with a few snowflakes decorating them   o yes,  i picked up Tabbou yesterday (new spelling from Tabou)   she is mine now i learned yesterday  Tjnya already found her a place to live in Illlinois and she definitely isn't keeping her dog   i sorta figure as much, it's just that Tj wouldn't tell me for sure upfront   but that's Tj for ya   anyways, i'm all happy Tabbou is here now   she gets her first shots this morn and will be scheduled asap for her spaying  i was perturbed when i found out last week that Tj hadn't done any of this for as long she has had her   if i had known i wood have taken care of her   anyways, she's mine now and she will be well taken care of    plus she's getting spoiled already    we cuddled on the couch last nite   she just kept cuddling up next to me laying her head on my chest    she was hestitant about getting on the couch for Tj didn't allow her to do so, but here it's all game   that's part of my quality time with my kids   we sit and watch tv together or just read a book   then they get to sleep at nite with me   it'll be awhile before she actually sleeps with me, want to make sure she's housebroken first    she's a little whiny right now, but getting better    she is a sweet sweet sweet dog   i'm going to spoil her sooo much, but i do all my kids   they deserve it and for all the unconditional love they give me, they're worth it..anyways, all is good here    today i will put my new bookcases together and organize my office   tomorrow i get my new rolltop desk  yesterday i received my new chair and now just waiting on my new couch to come in    i'm excited!   Life is good and can only get better    ...the next entry i'll post more pics from my trip and write more about it   until then   have a great one!

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