Saturday, April 8, 2006

Lincoln, NM

these pics are of Lincoln, NM  the last great escape of Billy the Kid   we stopped here for 'bout an hour on the way down to Carlsbad Caverns   very quaint old western town   we walked through the courthouse where the story was told about Billy's last capture   there's a pic of his life size photo included   anyways,  the courthouse was unique and still preserved the original flooring and furniture in the courthouse   also reconstructed was a Mason's room   don't know why i didn't take pics of this room   it was beautiful   this was a great little rest stop for us   the only thing missing was a postcard   the woman selling them at her house closed up 5mins too early @ 3:30 in the afternoon   guess business wasn't booming    also in the town was a museum with some artifacts of Civil War Era   what i liked most about this musuem was it included history on Hispanics, African Americans and Indians as well   very well rounded   ....

now, Tabbou just shredded a phone book and is having the time of her life   will pick up the confetti party once she's completed playing   she's adjusting well   we even cuddled on the couch yesterday for a nap    ...Life is Good!

a couple of these photos need doctoring for the light is too bright on them   will doctor them and repost them   this trip with my new camera was just to learn more about my camera   i'm in love with my new digital camera for someone who didn't want to go digital...


mariebm56 said...

Thank you for sharing your trip. Good luck with your new digital.
Look forward to seeing more of your photos.
Found your Journal thru Derek's

lacaza3 said...

nice pics beautiful place
Donna in TEXAS