Friday, October 6, 2006

4th of July Campground

first, most of these pics look better if you "View Larger"    i heard that this campground was a great place to see the fall foliage   so i hopped onto my bike and headed down hwy s 14    it's a great back road for a country ride whether in your car or on a bike   it definitely (S)nakes intially constantly swerving directions along the way   i mean that Literal S down the road for a few miles   and some stretches were long   (as i came back i noticed all the vehicles crossing the line often)    anyways, the ride there was such a joy   it was a tidbit cool on that mountain road, but bearable   once out in the sun and behind the trees, it was comfortably warm   anyways, little did i know that i'd be taking some dirt road to this campground   the last 7miles was 4wheelin' on my bike to the campground    as i rode up there i noticed the foliage was about gone   i was at least 2weeks too late for the true beauty of the fall foliage, but i did get a few shots as noted above   i took more than the 39 posted, but i don't always include "all" pics i take   and i didn't get tooo picky about which pics to post    i'm so damn critical of my photos and have learned others like photos i take that i don't think are that good    well some of these are decent, others ok (i'm always ready to take a better photo)   but one of these pics i've fallen in love with    going to print it (two simple leaves on a rock)   but you choose what you like and enjoy   the adventure out today was just what i needed after yesterday which was trying    i have another road trip coming up,but decided to wait til the middle of next week or two (think i have a doctor apptmnt next week)   don't want to travel the interstate on the weekend while everyone's off work and buzzing everywhere   plus the weather forecast is predicting rain for the next 4days or so   aint gonna be goin nowhere....have a good one my friends!

copyrights for all photos reserved for Karen L Goins


fitzzer said...

Beautiful pictures, you're a great photographer. I miss the fall leaves, we don't get them like that here. Thanks for bringing a little fall back into my world. It's one of my fav seasons back home.

stupidsheetguy said...

What a great photo presentation. You took those shots with a great perspective, and the results are phenomenal.


delela1 said...

Awesome job Karen.  Many are worthy of being enlarged and framed.  :)