Friday, October 13, 2006


TGIF!    well it's been a nice day after all    i had to go to the church today after all but was there only an hour thankfully    i already spent 4days there this week and i was doing my damnest not to show up today    it didn't work   i'm still tryin' to put in just 3days a week, that's not workin' either    another volunteer and i were just wondering the other day how they mananged without us volunteers before we arrived   we're still speculating   ...anyhows, it's 7:30pm and i'm ready for bed already    don't think i got my nap in today    i did manage to get a dental apptmnt for my achin' tooth come this monday   it began a couple days ago and i was tryin' to hold out on it, but i was told i have an infection since my face is swollen on that side   i've been holdin' down the pain with tylenol, but tonite thought i'd try Jack Daniels on this   works wonders   one shot, no pain immediately   i can go for that   J.D. is proving to be a great rememdy for all kinds of ailments so i'm learnin'   besides it's great to relax with a shot of the whiskey as well   this must have been how some people handled the pain in the olden golden days of way back when   it's workin' for me   no complaints here ....anyways, i'll watch the baseball game for another 45mins and then head to bed   actually it's 7:45pm right now   this weekend i'm chillin'    if it was for rain in the forecast, and my toothache, i'd be on another road trip on the bike   must get to Tent Rocks...hope all is well in your neck of the woods...take care

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