Wednesday, October 4, 2006

...and the wind blows

it's a quiet nite except the wind blowing hastily rustling the trees and howls   a ballgame is on but i sit in contemplation of my journey, spiritual or not   i'm ready for another book, thinking of the Ghandi book i have yet ready for a mini break from spiritual material   so i look at my library of the books bought, yet not read   i have anything from classic to modern politics   where do i trek is the question   my contemplation tonite is on this transition in my life and where am i headed   the answer remains to be seen   volunteering at the church i ask myself do i really desire to be in a spiritual place all the time   i love the philosophy, don't get me wrong, but sometimes i need the grounding of the real world   not that our world isn't real, but it's nature is a different tune than the drum beat of everyone else    a friend and i recently talked that sometimes it seems to be too positive, but if that's the only complaint, then we can handle it    i'm acustom to being in the trenches where one grinds away at Life, not the softer path my church offers   just yesterday i sensed i'm missing a connection or maybe i haven't adjusted to the new path   there's a long journey ahead   only a couple days ago did my schooling become clear to me for the next year or two   then there will be another fork in the road and i will decide the next path to take from there   but for now i need leisure tiime or at least a balance than before   20yrs at the p.o. was workaholic time, mostly due to the demands of that job    now the road is wide and open   i have many paths to take   each its own journey bringing to me another part of Life   i look forward to the treasures collected along the way   and who knows what Life will bring as i travel    maybe there will be a mate, there certainly will be new friends   Spirit as my guide, i will follow where i'm lead....for now a different book and the adventures untold

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stupidsheetguy said...

I think facing the road ahead with such an optimistic attitude will only serve you well. I wish you all the luck in the world, no matter what you choose.