Friday, October 20, 2006

went shoppin'

went shoppin' today with no money    good tiime to go shoppin    i woke up with the blues, part illness part life    so i went to the mall    i went into about 3 stores, then sat and people watched while having a pretzel and water    anyways, i haven't people watched in a very long time   all shapes and sizes and attire    there were teens there, there were everyone there   a daughter-mom combo walkin the mall numerous times i guess getting in their exercise   i saw them loop at least a half a dozen times   odd couples, cute couples   people watchin did me more good than shoppin'   a good change for the week ...but also, i don't think i told you that i had 3teeth pulled this last monday   had an infection, they  had to go   one was really a root tip from a previous broken tooth   so it's been no straws or sodas for a week -with no straws i didn't ask about smokin'   anyways, i called the dentist's office to see if i could at least have a soda already   gotta have my daily coke and i've been a good girl and have done without all week   she said coke was fine, but still no straws    i've been wanting a cigarette all week   maybe next week    i have a follow-up apptmnt on monday, maybe i'll get the ok for straws then    we'll see   i'm all stitched up, so that factor may play into a cigarette   all in due time    once home i took a nap  i feel a little better    now the debate as to whether attend a church meeting manana   all the history data and statistics i gathered for this project are being presented tomorrow   but it's a 9-5er    not sure i can last the whole day with this soreness with my gums    then tomorrow nite is a movie at church, Conversations with God based on a book by Neale Donald Walsh   good book, plus others that follow i have yet to read   not going to miss the movie, but i'll miss part or all of the meeting if i  must ....nothing on tv, nothing at the dollar movie (my budget at the moment)   time for a book which i have still yet to pick up and read anything lately    toomuch on the plate and it's World Series time    all in due time.....

p.s.   found me a bike or two the other day, and it's not going to be a Harley after all    fell in love with another crotch rocket, but will probably stay away from it    discovered a Suzuki and Kawasaki cruisers i fell in love with   will be one of them    next spring or summer, i'll be gettin the new bike:-)!


stupidsheetguy said...

LOL, this was a pretty fun entry. People watchin' is great isn't it?

You be sure to post some pics when you get that bike now, hear?


fitzzer said...

People watching and window shopping are fun aren't they? Boy could I go for a hot pretzel with sweet & spicy mustard sauce and a coke! Hope you're teeth are feeling better - ouch!