Saturday, October 28, 2006

wine for dinner

ok i had a sandwich too, but the wine was the main course for the evening    again a ballgame on (tv muted) while listening to some jazz   think this will become a saturday nite ritual, just add a glass of wine to the atmosphere   i read very briefly Conversations with God book 2  one chapter actually   think i've had enough spiritual grounding and enlightenment for a week, a day    went a to a class this morn for church   was suppose to stay the day, but left in the midst of it    i've spent too much time at the church lately and i'm back there manana   i'm going to take most of next week off    here i am retired and spending as much time at church as i did at the p.o., or so it seems and feels    too much   i wanna have fun right now   dont get me wrong, i enjoy my volunteer work, but i don't want to become a church addict as some people are there   at the moment i'm wishing my bike was not in the shop again-yep it's there again dammit   but anyways, it'll be all fixed by the end of the month, then come next spring i'm buying my new bike   i made a decision, pretty much, on a Suzuki Boulevard 1400    anyways, once i get that bike i'm on a road trip at least every other weekend, if not every weekend   right now i'm wearing myself out and don't want to do that   so i'll keep changing gears til i get in the right one   i remember this week, Life is to be enJOYed, not chained to any one thing or person for that matter   seek and i will find    tonite while sipping wine, i was even thinking of finding me another date    i haven't given this much thought for at least 2yrs, maybe 3 now   i've lost track, but i'm ready for another change, maybe a date wood be a good direction   for awhile i've been hoping to meet someone at church, but now i'm rethinking that   only time will tell   in the meantime, hurry up and fix my bike!


lacaza3 said...

Hello young careful on your bike...hope you get a hansome date soon
Donna In TEXAS

jmorancoyle said...

     Hope the bike is back quickly. Got to get out on the open road and really enJOY yourself.