Monday, March 10, 2008

Brett Favre

Congrats to Brett for his retirement   i was reading this morn about how sum women and men criticized Brett for his tears during his public retirement announcement   is this world still into only Macho men?   Tears are good for everyone   it shows the human side of us   it reveals a gentle side to our nature   are we still in the dark ages that we can't cry?  if so that is just pathetic   i love to see the gentle side of men    my father hasn't ever cried a tear and in his younger years he'd drink his woes away, only to be more brutal and abusive   when are we going to become a more gentle people   there is too much harshness and brutality as there is    anyways, i have a beef with those who only desire machismo in our men, or women for that matter   my step-mother doesn't cry tears either   Tears are there for a reason...a Good reason!

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