Saturday, March 8, 2008

coffee's brewin

it's the wii hours of the mornin'   didn't sleep soundly and up at an ungodly hour  went back to bed, cuddlin' with my kids, but no sleep fell upon me  so here i am wondering what to do with myself   it's gonna be a loooooong day    today's the hike with the church group   so by the time i get back it'll be nap time for sure   fresh wind and sunshine will wear me out just enough for some zzzzs the meantime, i went to the social club with my gay brother Stephen   it was an uneventful night for me   of course i only stayed an hour   wasn't sure i was going to go   just didn't have the nerve to go there   it's been about 15yrs since being at a club, but hey, who knows maybe i'd meet someone...nope...i did recognize for sure this is not where i want to meet an individual   so i'll go back to the internet or the papers   going 2 the clubs is just not my fanfare anymore   the music was good, but i didnt dance   think i forgot  there seemed to be no single woman there   all were coupled up   plenty of single gay men, but they're not my i'll say a prayer to meet someone at church or elsewhere   should be interesting   just the thought of dating scares the hell out of me, but if it's meant 2 be, it'll happen...

now for earlier in the day yesterday..Marsha and i ended up at Barnes & Noble   although it was my idea to go there, i gave her a hard time for agreeing to go   i never can walk out of there empty handed   i just went lookin' 4 sum post-it tabs (thought i had seen sum there)   anyways, 2ft into the doorway and there's a book calling my name   a few feet more, and another   by the time i left i had spent at least $50 w/a latte included, and no post-it tabs   one book we picked up was by Deepak Chopra   twilight zone hit later when Maggie called and asked if i'd like to go see him on sunday IF she could get tickets   don't tell me Spirit doesn't work in mysterious ways   this is an example how It works for sure   anyways, yesterday was a very good day   lots of fun and laughter w/Marsha   playeda little guitar and hung out w/Stephen the hike   i keep saying i don't want to be the leader of the hike group, but alas i keep showing up   maybe one day i'll resign my position...It's all good!


sunnyside46 said...

hve fun
I played a little guitar last much fun....

ksquester said... downfall...........but it ends up good. How can one be alone if the have good books to read?   Anne