Saturday, March 1, 2008

more action...

hello ...tonite i saw I Am Legend...time to take a break from the action films   they're wearing me   goodness, i need a cigarrette   maybe later   anyways yesterday i was in the middle of an entry when my oldest niece im'd me   we've chatted for a couple nites in a row now   most we've ever communicated since i haven't been in touch   they were good chats and again i was reminded why i live here in NM   i just want to kick my older sister's ass   long story and i won't go into details, but as usual she's stirring up trouble   anyways, i'm going to talk with my oldest niece again and see if there's anything i can do   i've felt for years my hands have been tied for different reasons   maybe this time i can step in somehow   that's my family  it's damn hard too  many times   i will get the meantime did i tell you i started my guitar lessons again?  had my first one on thursday   i pray my left shoulder and arm hold out   that's what gave me the problems last time i put it down   some way, some how, i'm gonna the meantime i'm headed to church tomorrow   i'll get the official announcement that our minister will retire effective sept 1   it'll be interesting to see how changes take place between now & then, then afterwards   maybe Rev Jennie will apply for the position and actually get it  people come and go from church due to their likes or dislikes   we'll see what happens... 

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sunnyside46 said...

I want to see that movie but I jsut know something bad happens to the dog and I can't stand that.
sorry about your problems with your sis.
email me if you wanna talk about it.
I'm here