Sunday, March 9, 2008

Deepak Chopra

I saw Deepak Chopra tonite   what an awesome individual   of course we are all awesome in our own unique way   i've read a couple books of his and enjoyed them   i picked up his latest, The Third Jesus, on friday only 4 Maggie to call that nite and let me know he was in town   so off we went   and thank you Maggie for inviting me   he's an awesome speaker   i picked up another book of his and he signed it   Maggie picked up several and got his signature too   he definitely is enlightened   now how do we evolve to such a place is my question   i have no doubt we can get there, just not sure of the directions other than to go within to that place where God exists within you    anyways, i can't speak enough of his enormity   still a bit blown away with his lecture   it was simply awesome!!!

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