Saturday, March 15, 2008

i did it again...

Oi!!!    goodness   i lost my yellow filter 4 my camera again   it's best used for b&w photography  ..i got my film camera out again  only second time in 2yrs   i bought this camera 2yrs ago at the same time i bought my digital   been playin with the digital sooooo much, i haven't really used the film camera   but if i go back 2 school for photography, i'll need my film camera   this is a new film camera for me   this is a Nikon N75   so i played with it today with some old color film i've had laying around like forever   the pictures are being printed within the next 24hrs   do they not have 1hr photo anymore for film?   granted i'm getting a picture cd done, but does it really take that long    digital i'm learning is much cheaper   i bought new batteries for my nikon n75 today   i needed 2 and they were $8 for each one   plus i bought a roll of b&w film   it was $7 for the roll   jimney christmas   has b&w skyrocketed    anyways, i didn't take any b&w photos today, thank God   i really need my yellow filter with it   makes b&w photos contrast a hell of a lot more   sooooo, if i don't find that filter, there's another $35 for just one   i really need one for both lens i have    goodness, i've known photography isn't a cheap hobby, but it's been awhile since being faced with its cost    anyways, good news, is i found blank note cards w/envelopes that i can make cards with my photos   will do that and sell them at church for a starter   will also matte some 5x7s and see if i can sell them   maybe a few 8x10s while i'm at it    i  have my work cut out for me, but it'll be loads of fun!!!    anyways, digital is cheaper now that i've discovered the difference   not sure quality is compromised tho   film may be better in the long run   only life will tell us in the future   either way...i'm lovin' it! pic's being processed at this moment, will be of my favorite subject of late = Lil Miss Madison   i pick 'em up tomorrow evening    will post asap!

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