Sunday, March 2, 2008

chicken noodle soup

so, i wrote this nice long journal entry a moment ago  i was almost done and my internet connection dis-connected   so i'll keep this short....first of all, the text and font size mechanics are not workin' on my journal, so if this is in very small lettering like the last entry, complain to aol....second, our minister announced today that he will retire effective 1sep08   i'll miss him...third, i've talked to just about everyone in the family about what's happening between my sister and her daughter   i'm now waiting to talk to my niece   it's ugly as usual with my older sister, but i'm going to do what i can...fourth, it's been a nice day   piddlin' in between cuddlin' with my dogs when they're not jumpin in my lap while on the computer...fifth, and most important,  the major blues are gone for now   i'm feelin' GOOD!!!!....i'll be back after getting internet connection fixed...cya then!


jmorancoyle said...

    Glad to hear the blues are gone again.

ksquester said...

GOSH, I'm glad you are felling better........may it continue. Dog therapy is always good on sunny or rainy days.  Hugs,  Anne