Tuesday, December 12, 2006

affirmation of the day


i am courageous.  i will not give up.  step by step my courage grows deeper and stronger.  i embrace the new and unknown.  my courage makes me brave.  i explore what iis possible without hesitation.  the wisdom of others inspires me daily.  i have the courage to let go of who i am for who i can become.  ever onward!...my strenght and resolve run deeep.  i boldly ask for what i want.  i surround myself with courageous and passionate people.  i follow my heart.  i give myself permission to be courageous.  i act in spite of my fears.  i choose to live filled with courage.  i look ahead and go for it.  i am no longer afraid.  i choose to be powerful.

the above affirmation is written on a blanket   it's called an affirmawrap    these blankets came into the office earlier this month and the office crew went crazy for them   we didn't know they were coming for our transformation team ordered them for fundraising for our move to our new church    of course i had to get girlfriend M one   in her favorite color purple and affirmation of abundance    i gift wrapped it and gave it to her immediately, but it wasn't until last nite that she finally opened it    she was estatic   she loved the blanket as much as i did    i bought me the one on courage   anyhows it was a great Christmas gift that came in unexpectedly   i had already bought her a book for the holiday, but this was even better   there are other affirmawraps and i hope to also buy the one on serenity    don't know where our transformation team ordered these, but way to go!

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jmorancoyle said...

    You'll have to take a photo. I love the idea of wrapping yourself up in something so honest.