Saturday, December 2, 2006

He Called!!!

i just got off the phone with my son    i'm relieved, i'm stressed, i'm whatever   but i got to talk to him tonite before he departs tomorrow nite for Iraq   he gets on the bus at 8:30pm and then takes flight i believe at 1a.m. or something like that    i was a little concerned for a little while there   he didn't seem to chippery the last few times we chatted    from our conversation i think his excitement going to Iraq has diminished or at least he said he didn't care one way or another whether he went which is different than his initial desire   but he says he's happy and all is good    he also said he had no clue when he'll be back, which doesn't surprise me at all   regardless when he comes home, i'll be setting some time aside for him   even if all he wants is to hang out with just me and not go see his grandparents   just as long as he makes it home safe and sound    God bless him!   God bless all our troops!   it's time to wrap up Iraq and bring our soldiers home!!!!!


stupidsheetguy said...

That's some happy news. I hope it'll get you a good night's sleep tonight! I'll keep him in my prayers


ksquester said...

May God be with him every minute of every day.......and Thank him from me. Anne

jmorancoyle said...

    I agree. Bring them home. They should have never gone to begin with. Kyle is in my prayers, and so are you.