Saturday, December 9, 2006

Lobo Basketball

first,  Thanks Jimmy for reminding me of second chances   now i have all the time in the world for'm home from the game tonite   it was a women's game tonite   i'm not sure i mentioned recently or not, but i'm ushering at the men and women's basketball games now   i don't get paid, but the game is free   this weekend the women had another tournament   that means 5-6hrs of being at The Pit each nite for the two games   it's 3-4hrs for one game   we have to be there about 2hrs before tip off   we hang around for about an hour, then people start trickling in    but it's exciting and enjoying meeting people   i now have my own post i call it, the same section every ball game   there are certain people, mostly older folks, that come to both the men and women's games sitting in the same place every time   now i just pass them thru without looking at their tickets    so tonite i thought i wanted to stay later than our leaving time for the Lobos vs UCLA   it was a close game, but i realized within a couple minutes we had the game under control   plus i didn't want to mingle with the traffic on the way out    so i left with plenty time left in the game    on a one game nite we get to leave with 5mins left in the game   two games, we get to leave 10mins left in the second game   by the time i get home the Lobos games are over and all i have to do is check the website for the final score   yep we won by 9 the final score reflected   poor refereeing tonite on both teams in my opinion and there was tons of fouls   anyways, we survived    i get to see some friends even former co-workers to attend all the games   and tonite i even saw a nice lookin' woman   now if ony i had the courage to ask her for coffee  and then again who knows if i'd see her again    anyways, it was a good nite, but i was tired    i didn't make it to last nite's games because i think i had a 24hr bug   felt much better today but not 100% yet    another good nite and good day's rest i should be fine     right now i'd like a cup of coffee, but it's way too late for it   sure smelled good at the game    so guess i'll go grab a glass of milk and a book or watch tv to wind down       everyone take care   cya soon....

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