Monday, December 4, 2006

he called again:-)

well he called again...but i missed the call    i was sound asleep   my first few hours of sleeping, i don't hear a damn thing   not even my dogs barking up a storm   but for some reason i woke at this ungodly hour of 2:30am and heard my phone beeping   i saved the message he left and wish i could keep it forever   he did say he'd call from iraq as soon as he could   so i'll be answering EVERY phone call that says unknown at least   usually those are bill collectors and i don't always answer that call, just call them back laterz   but now, i won't miss a phone call unless i'm sound asleep or just miss getting to the phone, but i'll have it next to me every minute of the day   Goodness, i still wonder how this war will effect him and how he'll handle it   according to my dad, kyle had told him he would be guarding the detainees, but who knows that'll hold true   my son has a tendency to blow smoke a lot and/or the army keeps changing his mission   but he still blows smoke a lot anyways   no big deal to me  i recognize it when he's doing it mostly   whatever, maybe one day he'll get out of it    anyways, it was good to hear his message   i'll be anxiously waiting for his first phone call   need to get his Christmas package off to him asap, but i'll wait til i get to Cincinnati to buy it   more Bengals gear will be available there than here unless i find something else in the meantime of more value   he's a Bengals fan like i used to be when growing up in that area of the states   anyhow, i'll be shopping for him soon...the other day i was wearing his sweater he left behind and he got such a chuckle out of it when i told him saturday nite   maybe i'll put it on again today, but if not i'll wear it often along with a couple other shirts left behind    Goodness, he's growing up some more i can tell already    time will not be soon enough before i hear from him again....i love you son!!!

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lacaza3 said...

hey girl just poppin into say hi...Glad your son is ok...You need to call him on the blowing smoke sister has done it for years and now has she gets older is has gotten worse...I call her on it...but nobody else does so she thinks it is ok...
Have you been cold up there girlfriend...arent you glad your not delevering mail in the cold weather..
dDonna in texas