Friday, December 15, 2006

heard from kyle

heard from my son today    received a dvd with him on it   he was in kuwait   he looked a bit different in his demeanor that is   i noticed the change about 3weeks or so before he left during our phone conversations   he says he's fine, not to worry   he did admit he was a little nervous   maybe a lot by my view   he's gotten really serious in the last month not that i blame him   he usually is cutting up like a clown all the time    but it was good to see his face and hear from him    he requested i get a copy to my mom and i'll hand carry that this next week when i get to Ohio    she's the one to finish raising him the last 8yrs or so before he went into the army   Goodness, i need to watch it again    i know he's really growing up fast now in Iraq   God i keep him and all our troops in my prayers    he said he'll be home in august, let's hope the govt keeps it that way or bring 'em home sooner....

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jmorancoyle said...

    He's in my prayers as well. Have a safe trip.